This is what others are saying about ythology:

"Jeff is an engaging communicator with a plethora of life experiences. His love for students, however, is what sets him apart. In an age where message after message bombards Youth, love and only love captures their imagination. He walks slowly thru the crowd and makes everyone feel at home. This creates sustainable impact long after he places the microphone down. The conversation on reaching Youth today is significantly better with Jeff's voice in the discussion."  |Heath Adamson, Senior Director for Youth Ministry Assemblies of God, Global Chair World Assemblies of God Fellowship Next Generation Commission

“Jeff Grenell has had an incredible influence on Student Ministries in Minnesota.  He has ministered with excellence in our Camps, Retreats, Leadership Conferences, and Churches.  His life’s mission of serving Jesus & this generation of students shines through in every setting.  His ministry is marked by integrity, passion, sensitivity, genuine concern, and anointing.  He is a gift to all of us who are involved in Student Ministries!”  |Mark Dean, District Youth Director, Minnesota Student Ministries

"It’s an honor for me to tell you about Jeff Grenell. The ministry he provides and the God-given gift for understanding the heartbeat of an emerging generation is solid. As long as I have known Jeff he has always been on the cutting edge of Youth Culture, both spiritually and practically. He has a prophetic voice for students in the Church or outside of the Church. What is most important for me, however, is the fact that Jeff isn't your “run-of-the-mill” Youth Speaker. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff for any speaking opportunities, leadership development, or ministry events you may be planning."  |Terry Parkman, River Valley Church, NextGen Director, Minneapolis, MN (Jeff's home Church)

"After more than 20 years in Student Ministries, I am as energized as I have ever been. Bringing Jeff Grenell in to evaluate our team, our setting, our processes, and even me personally, was one of the best moves I've made in years. The challenge to our team and the coaching we received has reshaped our approach to winning students. We're going after our schools like never before! Ministry is fresh again."  |Dave Aaron, Faith Church, Student Ministry Director, Anderson, IN

"I NEED HELP! These are words we never say to someone. What if you could have a coach, an inspiration, and a friend in Ministry? I've known Jeff Grenell for 30 years and he can be a coach, an inspiration, and a friend in the day to day journey of reaching people for Jesus. You need YTHOLOGY and what it brings to Youth Leadership!"  |Reggie Dabbs, Youth Alliance Founder, International Youth Communicator