#IfJobHadTwitter: When Hardship Hits The Palace (Book Release)

Coming Soon on Kindle and Amazon.com

Coming Soon on Kindle and Amazon.com

With my book dropping this week, I wanted to blog on the reasons for the book. This, arguably, may be the single most transformational principle that we can address in this generation. You know, until hardship happens to you at a serious level, you never really know how you are going to respond in suffering. I often think of that quote we've all heard, 'Hardship doesn't build character. it reveals it.'

Ha. When I first heard that it sounded so right. But, you know what, as much of that may be true, I certainly saw what I went through not only reveal my character. I saw Jane's death forge great character in me also! Man, sometimes I wish she could see the man that I am today.

Anyway, here are a few thoughts on hardship, suffering, and loss. Here's what Job would say if we could follow him on Twitter today:

#ifjobhadtwitter Every palace has jesters and dragons, and princes and princesses, who grow up to be kings and queens, who slay dragons

*What Job is really saying...The process of hardship is really a blessing. It forges us into a mature adult who can deal with any dragon in our palace. Any struggle can be used to turn us into a king or queen.

#ifjobhadtwitter If you are going thru hardship, you are a son or daughter. If you are not going thru it, you are a bastard without a parent.

*What Job is really saying...When you go through trials, if you join the right family, you are assured that you are going to be part of the healing process. Everyone who goes through hardship is a son with a parent who is teaching them something significant. 

#ifjobhadtwitter If we are going to overcome hardship, suffering, & pain, we must understand that God plays chess while we play checkers

*What Job is really saying...There is purpose beyond what we can see on the board. If life is foggy, just wait. The fog will rise and you will be able to see clearly in the end. 

#ifjobhadtwitter Most people will choose to focus upon the pain in their life. But I have chosen to focus upon His presence in my life.

*What Job is really saying...Grace is stronger than loss.

#ifjobhadtwitter I had great friends until they opened their mouth. The presence of friends is sometimes more important than their words.

*What Job is really saying...Don't do hardship alone. When Job's friends first came to him, they sat with him for 7 days. and didn't say a word. remarkable. I don't think I could ever do that to someone in need.

#ifjobhadtwitter The University of Suffering is where we all can receive a degree in spiritual maturity if we are willing to graduate

*What Job is really saying...Stay in school.

#ifjobhadtwitter Sometimes I do not control my situation or the outcome. But always I control my attitude in the midst of it.

*What Job is really saying...If we can create a shift in our thinking, we create a shift in our actions. And the result of that is life-changing. We can handle anything in life if we are thinking right. The power of your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more valuable than your Intelligent Quotient (IQ)!

#ifjobhadtwitter When it comes to hardship, it is not time that heals. When it comes to hardship, it is what we do with our time that heals.

*What Job is really saying...There are some things about God that you will only learn through hardship, suffering, and loss. Things that take time. Give time bitterness and anger, and you get sick and explosive. Give time patience and trust, and you get process and faith.

#ifjobhadtwitter Since hardship & trial are seen in Christianity & scripture, why are we upset that they are seen in Christians & culture?

*What Job is really saying...Most of us are like the proverbial 'ant in front of the train', trying to stop the inevitable. Hardship is part of life. For all of us. And nothing in life, including human suffering, comes without a purpose.

Jeff Grenell