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8 Lessons From Hardship

Jeff Grenell
Over the past month in our family we have been learning many lessons about hardship. Nobody is immune from trials. Nor should we desire to be. Let me prove that by taking you to scripture. I have been reading through Hebrews 12 the past week. After reading through this chapter, here is the thesis statement for our lives: "Endure hardship like a son..."  

And so, this blog is a series of lessons that God has been teaching me about hardship:

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #1
"When God said He will have nothing before Him; He met NOTHING. Not my job. Not my friends. Not my family. And not myself."

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #2
"If you are not going through hardship and discipline, you are illegitimate. It is one of the marks of being a Christian." (Paul, Heb 12.7-11)

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #3
"We may not identify with Job's or Paul's suffering. But we should identify with Christ's suffering. We should all rejoice in Christ's work on the cross for 
our salvation, deliverance, and healing."

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #4
"Since hardship and trial are part of Christianity and scripture, why are we so upset about hardship and trial in Christians and culture?"

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #5
"Most people choose to focus upon the PAIN. I have chosen to focus upon His PRESENCE. Isaiah 43.1-3 is a promise that in the waters, the rivers, or the flame, God is with us."

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #6
"That you should never do it alone. There are so many 'one another' passages in the Bible. Christ is everything we need for salvation. But, our friends are necessary for life."

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #7
"Everyone lives under a shadow. I choose to live under the Shadow of the Almighty. We all have issues or things in our life that we are not proud about. But, you have to choose to live under grace."

What I'm Learning From Hardship - Lesson #8
"Sometimes I do not control my situation or the outcome. Always I control my attitude."

I'm sure that if you will take the time to read through this great chapter you will see the role of hardship. When I get to heaven, it would be awkward if I sat down at Job's or Paul's table for dinner and the only story I could share was how difficult it is to be a Christian in America today. I'm sure they would look at each other and kindly excuse themselves from the table.