Non-Negotiables For Leadership

Leadership. We all get tired of hearing about it. The problem is, every church (or organization for that matter) rises and falls on leadership. Leadership becomes the thrust or the weight of a church or organization. Here is a quick lesson on DNA (Developing Next Leaders). This is my response and adaptation to principles taught in George Barna's 2008 release of, "Master Leaders". I will place the discussion in the setting of the church world.

Every church needs to replenish it's leadership and maximize the gifts and talents of the congregation. Out of valuing shared-ownership and delegation, a plurality of leadership with a singular vision can arise. The quick elementary process looks like this:

The Selection Process of Leaders

        Look for a sense of calling or desire
         Look for character and integrity
         Look for competencies or gifting and skill-sets

The Development Process 

      Every organization has a DNA to be placed in the protégé (the unique and identifiable trait)
·         Every protégé has a sweet spot and placing them there is primary to their success
·        Every leader must recognize that it is a process to develop protégé’s – and that process includes both curriculum and life coaching (patience)

Building the team takes these important principles. They may change in some settings, but, these are my non-negotiables in putting together the right team around you. When looking at shared ownership in a church or company, seek to include the following thoughts also.  Your church or organization will experience dual loyalties and multiple personalities in vision if you are not careful to guide the leadership process. So, finally, every template that trains developing leaders should include the following non-negotiable elements:

EDUCATION – seminars, books, personal coaching, webinars, etc.
INSPIRATION – quotes, relationships, rewards, etc.
MODELING – servitude, attitude, mentoring, etc.
APPRENTICESHIPS – time-out of office to visit other comparable settings, office training by a pro, team organization within the staff, etc.
CREATIVITY – special occasions such as ‘jean day’ or ‘pizza lunch’, setting, point systems, etc.

Jeff Grenell