It all starts in your setting. Instead of you going to a conference, we come to you and spend several days in your city. Watching you do Youth Ministry, going to your schools, meeting with your Leaders, eating in restaurants in your area. This is all done to get a contextual understanding of your setting. And to apply outcomes that help you to be more successful in Youth Ministry. 

1.  Personal Youth Leadership Coaching and access to our Director, Jeff Grenell

2.  A comprehensive 43-point multiple page evaluation of your Youth Ministry/Organization

3.  Observation of your Youth Ministry or Organizational systems (including leadership development, service dynamics, campus access, community involvement, discipleship model, and goals/vision)

4.  Youth Leaders weekend with your team of adults, and/or, student leaders

5.  One day Leadership Conference with area Churches and Organizations

6.  Coaching Contract extends for 8 months and includes 2 visits (an initial evaluation and a follow-up at the end of the contract, 8 online meetings, and access to the ythology online material)

All you need to do is fill out the CONTACT form here on the website and submit it to us. We will get back with you and send you a document with all of the details as soon as possible. Thank you for trusting us with your Youth Leadership needs.